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About Us

Family Owned, Community Supported 


Our Story

We are a small, neighborhood brewery that began in 2017 in a converted 2 car garage with a simple mission to 'serve local brew.' A simple statement that, at face value, defines what we do every day.  However, the mission goes as deep as the roots we have in this community and it drives us to stay involved and committed each day.   


In addition to serving craft brewed beers, we are committed to serving the MOT community. Our guests and team are focused on volunteer opportunities that contribute to the improvement of our town and help to maintain the small community feel that is core to Middletown's history. Our name reflects our commitment to community involvement and giving back. 


We are a small, family owned, independent brewery and we support local businesses first.  We exclusively brew with grain malted in Southern Delaware and, in some cases, grown in the state we call home.  Reinvestment in our community through local patronage and non-profit involvement strengthens everyone and builds resilient neighbors.


We brew small batch ales (and eventually lagers) with the goal of leaving our mark on the close-knit Delaware brewing scene. Our recipes and beer names are developed through conversations with our customers and brewers. We brew the beers and seltzers you ask for and we want to make. No elaborate marketing, R&D, focus groups, or sales quotas. 

How It Started...How It's Going

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