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We are officially the smallest brewery in Delaware and the first in Middletown! Started in Summer 2017 in a converted 2-car garage, we are expanding Summer 2021 with the renovation of our 19th century-built Taphouse. We brew on a small 2 Barrel system which allows us to rotate our beers quickly.

Limited hours through Summer 2021, check our schedule

We have grown our neighborhood brewery firmly rooted in 3 principles: 

In addition to serving craft brewed beers, we are committed to serving the MOT community. Our guests and staff will be focused on volunteer opportunities that will contribute to improving our town and helping to maintain the small community feel that is core to Middletown's history.

Easy to say, hard to do... our name reflects our commitment to community involvement and giving back. 


We are local and independent and will support local, independent businesses first.



We brew superior, small batch, craft brewed ales and 

aim to make our mark on Delaware’s growing craft brewing scene.

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